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While credit unions offer the same financial products and services as banks, people are at the heart of the purpose and drive in this industry. This is why it’s just as important for credit unions to give back to the communities they serve as it is to give back directly to their members. We’ve developed a way to help your members, and your credit union, give better.

NetGiver is an exclusive-to-credit union charitable giving app available to members of participating credit unions. Using NetGiver, members can make donations to any 501(c)(3) nationwide at no cost to them, directly from their credit union checking or savings account.

They Give, You Gain
Everyone Wins!


the benefit to Credit Unions

Although the primary use of NetGiver is for credit union members to make donations, your credit union also benefits in many ways by:

  • Adopting a unique platform to use as a strategic resource to increase deposit accounts from existing members, along with acquiring new accounts from new members

  • Leveraging the deposit relationship to gain associated products such as eStatements, Direct Deposit, Online and Mobile Banking

  • Advancing your credit union’s philanthropic efforts

  • Gathering and comparing member donation data to help shape sales and marketing efforts according to member interests

  • Providing an “in” to partner with nonprofits and other fundraising efforts to promote your credit union with NetGiver

  • Differentiating yourself in a way that makes you stand out from your competition and among the deposit tug-of-war environment


Why your members will love it, and appreciate you for offering it

Electronic giving has never been more popular but unfortunately this form of giving comes at a cost – up to 7% taken for transaction fees. With NetGiver 100% of your members’ donations go directly to the nonprofit of their choice; no fees, no administrative costs.

Your members will love:

  • The ability to give to nonprofits for FREE

  • The assurance that ALL of their donation is going to their cause

  • The simple ease of the app, as donations come directly out of their credit union account

  • The peace of knowing the platform is secure

  • Recording and tracking all of their donations in one place



If you’re a credit union looking to learn more about NetGiver, please connect with us or sign up for one of our upcoming webinars. We look forward to helping your give your members the NetGiver advantage!