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People Helping People

As a member of a not-for-profit financial cooperative, you not only get to experience the benefits of banking with a partner that has your back, but as a co-owner of your credit union, YOU have the backs of your fellow members. With every positive action you take with your credit union – whether it be getting a loan, saving your money or referring your friends and family to join – you cause a positive ripple effect on others who bank there as well.

After all, that’s the founding philosophy of credit unions – people helping people, which is why it makes perfect sense for credit unions to build upon their pay-it-forward actions by offering their members a FREE way to not only easily donate to the nonprofits of their choice directly from their credit union account, but to do so in a way that allows 100% of those donations to go directly to the nonprofit, eliminating the up to 7% middleman fees others take.

Created by Credit Unions for Credit Unions

The NetGiver app was created by credit unions, born out of the credit union philosophy, exclusively for credit union members. That means no bank or any other online donation app can stake the same claim – or carry the same benefits – as NetGiver.


Getting Started

Simply click on either the AppStore or Google Play buttons below to download the app on your Smartphone. Once downloaded, go through the easy setup steps to sync your credit union account with your NetGiver app. Once set, find the nonprofit you want to donate to and give freely!



the benefit to MEMBERS

NetGiver believes that charitable organizations should retain not just a portion but all of what they raise. With the support of you and your credit union, they can.

  • Zero Means Zero

  • Securely donate to nonprofits directly from your Credit Union account

  • Track all of your donations in one place

  • Ensure that 100% of your donation goes to your chosen nonprofit

The Credit Union Difference


The bottom line:

Banks are for-profit institutions. Credit Unions are not-for-profit cooperatives.

Credit unions exist to serve members, not stockholders. They are an economic democracy where each credit union member has equal ownership and one vote, regardless of how much money a member has on deposit. At a credit union, every single customer is both a member and an owner.

Credit unions are member-owned, democratically operated, not-for-profit organizations... they have the specified mission of meeting the credit and savings needs of consumers.
— The Credit Union Membership Access Act, 1998

Credit union earnings are returned to members in the form of lowered loan rates, reduced fees, and higher interest. They have an invested interest in the financial education of their members and positively affect spending and savings habits through partnership with the National Endowment for Financial Education.

Use NCUA’s tool to find a credit union: Research a Credit Union

How NetGiver fits in

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NetGiver was developed for credit unions by credit unions with a focus on supporting members and the community in which we all share. Credit unions exist to help people, and NetGiver is one of the many ways that credit unions continue to find innovative ways to serve their members as well as philanthropic organizations and worthwhile causes.