Privacy Philosophy

NetGiver was developed to challenge the status quo in charitable giving. Built by NetGiver, LLC, we have a deeply ingrained philosophy of privacy for how we develop products, manage data collection and, ultimately, serve the people who use our solutions.

Our core principles are held for a number of reasons. NetGiver is built by Credit Unions, for Credit Union Members. Our core principles reflect the values of the credit union community, and these principles are a promise to you, our users, that you can trust us. Additionally, these principles are in line with all of NetGiver’s work philosophies and they create a roadmap to follow and learn from as we grow. Here’s how our privacy principles work:

1. No surprises

We’re up-front and clear about how and when we’re collecting and using sensitive information. This doesn’t mean that we never collect data; it means we use and share it in a way that is transparent and meets our promise.

2. User control

We develop products and advocate for best practices that put users in control of their data and online experiences. Some companies bury what you consent to behind an “Agree” button, or only give you control using settings deep within a product. For NetGiver, user control should offer clear and meaningful consent and user agency.

3. Limited data

This is about the data collection itself and is comprised of three simple rules:

  1. We collect only what we need.

  2. We de-identify the data whenever possible so that it can’t be tied back to you personally. We avoid collecting explicit identifiers, like names and email addresses, using random identifiers instead.

  3. We delete data when it’s no longer necessary.

We recognize that in some cases, NetGiver needs to collect identifiable data to bring our users a better product, and we may need to hang on to it for a while. While some organizations collect vast amounts of identifiable data in excess of what they really need, we aim to stay lightweight to keep you and us safe and secure.

4. Deep Security and Defense

We build in security. We’ve put multiple layers of security controls within the NetGiver app and our day-to-day business practices. We use basic security mechanisms to protect our users, and if we don’t, we’re not doing our job right. We hold as little data as possible, working with third-party trusted providers when possible.

5. Social Media and Data Sharing

We don’t believe in sharing the data that you entrust to NetGiver. While it is important to share your contact information with nonprofits to whom you generously give, we do not share your information with the whole NetGiver network of businesses or non-profits.

These five Data Privacy Principles are embedded in our day-to-day thinking. We don’t do things without your permission. You’re in control. So no matter what products we create, what information we collect, what partners we have or what policies we advocate, we believe that your personal information belongs to you, not us.

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