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As a nonprofit, you’re well aware that electronic giving has never been more popular as it is an easy and convenient way for people and companies to donate to you. However, you’re also well aware that the various online donation platforms take upwards of 7% of each donation made through their site or app to cover various fees and administration costs.

Well, say “Goodbye” to those days, and “Hello” to 100% direct donations from NetGiver. 

Exclusively for credit unions and their members, the NetGiver app was created to allow members the ability to donate to 501(c)(3) nonprofits directly from their credit union account at no cost to them, and with no middleman fees taken out from you. That means if a member donates $50 to your organization, you receive the full $50. And with the ability to see which credit union members are donating to you through NetGiver, you’ll be able to look for partnership opportunities and shape your marketing and business strategies.

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the benefit to NONPROFITS

NetGiver believes that charitable organizations should retain not just a portion but all of what they raise. Through NetGiver, with the support of credit unions and their members, you keep everything.

  • Zero Means Zero

  • Downloadable marketing material - free for use!

  • Individual nonprofit dashboard for donation tracking

  • .csv file emailed to you for your “thank you” letters

  • Receive 100% of your donors’ contributions



The registration process for your 501(c)(3) organization takes only 3 minutes. Once you have registered, you only need to access your dashboard to update your account or review reports.

We send you monthly donation reports and funds are transferred directly into your organization’s bank account without having to “claim” donations individually.