Q: What if my credit union doesn't offer NetGiver?

A: Please contact your credit union and encourage them to connect with NetGiver. They can find more information on the NetGiver website: HERE  

Q: Which of my credit union accounts can I tie my NetGiver donations to?

A: You can tie your credit union checking or share savings accounts (personal or business) to your NetGiver donations. Other accounts such as credit cards, money markets, certificates or investment accounts cannot be used as the donation account through NetGiver.  

Q: Am I able to donate to multiple nonprofits?

For your security, there is a daily maximum of 5 separate contributions. The minimum amount per-donation is $5 and the maximum per-donation is $1000.

Q: Will my credit union ever charge me for using the NetGiver app?

A: No. Zero Means Zero. Neither you nor the organizations you support will ever be charged for donations made through NetGiver.

Q: What about my privacy – am I, and my credit union account information, safe?

A: YES! We've written a privacy philosophy in addition to our privacy policy, to be as candid and up-front as possible on how we treat your data and secure your information.


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